If you are looking for an innovative way to travel to a faraway destination, you may have thought about charter flights. Unfortunately, after charter flights popped into your mind, you may have thought of several reasons why you shouldn't or couldn't use a charter plane. Sadly, most of the objections were probably the damaging myths that keep many people away from this exciting way of traveling.

It's time to learn the truth behind these myths so that you too can embrace the convenience and joy of traveling via a charter flight:

Myth: Charter flights are only for the rich.

Truth: The image of jumping onto a private jet and being whisked away to a tropical destination sounds luxurious and like something only the rich can afford, but people and groups with varied incomes and varied destinations can actually afford to use charter planes.

Businesses, school groups, church groups and even packs of friends often band together to book charter flights to far flung destinations, and in many cases, the cost and convenience of booking their entire crew on a charter flight is more financially attractive than booking multiple seats on a commercial flight.

Myth: You need a group to book a seat on a charter plane.

Truth: The most common way to book a charter flight is to reserve a plane for an entire group of people, but that is not the only way to snag a seat in a charter plane. In many cases, especially in the United Kingdom, package holiday operators have charter planes that they use to transport their customers to their destinations. However, when these holiday operators fail to get enough people to buy the package holiday, they sell the rest of the seats on the charter planes to individuals. Buying spare seats on charter planes offers many individuals an extremely cheap way to travel.  

Myth: Private charter planes are only used for frivolous purposes.

Truth: As indicated above, private charter flights do not just take holidaymakers or millionaires to tropical destinations. They also transport business groups, non-profit associations and others to essential company meetings, conferences and learning opportunities.

Additionally, some charter flight organisations use their planes to help their communities when tragedies strike. For example, some charter planes transport emergency workers and supplies into flood ravaged zones, and they also help with swift water rescue. Additionally, charter planes have also been known to fly above forests spotting fires when the burn risk is high.

Myth: Charter flights take the same amount of time or more than commercial flights.

Truth: If a charter flight departs from a busy urban airport and flies to another heavily used airport, it may take as long as a commercial flight. However, charter flights have a lot of flexibility, and they do not have to depart from or land at the airports used by most major airline companies. Instead, they can be organised in a way that shortens the flight.

By flying into small regional airports instead of large ones, many charter flights shorten their passenger travel time. Smaller airports mean that passengers do not have to worry about the long lines that they have to face at larger airports.

Myth: Charter flights are not as safe as regular flights.

Truth: Charter flights are just as safe as commercial flights, and in the event of a malfunction, smaller planes are always easier and safer to land in an emergency situation. Additionally, the pilots of charter planes are subjected to the same licencing protocols as any other Australian pilots, and charter flights, just like commercial flights, are overseen by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.