If a guest of yours is flying, it can often be a great idea to have an airport transfer organised, particularly if there is limited disabled-friendly public transport available. Here are some tips to help ensure that your airport transfer is as smooth as possible. 

Let the airport transfer company‚Äč know how to find them

Holding a welcome sign may not be effective if your guest suffers from a visual impairment. It can be fantastic for the airport transfer company to contact the airline and ensure that they are ready to meet your guest at a designated meeting point. Make the meeting point the baggage claim area if the guest needs help getting their bags. If the guest is being picked up from the hotel, it might be useful to use a text or pager to let them know that the car has arrived. 

Explain how your guest communicates

If your guest uses some alternate communication style such as using a text to voice converter, it can be useful to let the driver know ahead of time so that they can allow extra time for the guest to formulate a response to any queries. For some guests with hearing impairments, it can be important to try and face the guest during speech so that they can read lips. 

Let the airport transfer company know what extra support your guest requires

If your guest travels with a transport support such as a wheelchair, mobility walker or crutches, it is a good idea to let your transfer company which size this item is when fully folded down, so that they can send a car that has the correct size of storage. It is also a good idea to let them know if the driver will need to help with folding the equipment down or if your guest can do this independently. If you are no familiar with this information be sure to ask your guest as they will be able to tell you this. (It is also a good idea to let them know if your guest will require support to do up their seatbelt so that the driver can be proactive with offering this support.)

Most airport transfer companies are skilled at working with guests with disabilities. By giving them all of the relevant information when you make the booking the company can help to prepare the best service possible and ensure that your guest has a seamless airport transfer.