A pub crawl bus is one great way for you and your colleagues, friends or family members to hang out on a weekend or at an event and have an unforgettable experience. With a pub crawl bus, you will get to visit all of your favourite drinking spots and ensure everyone is dropped off at their homes without the need for taxis. Most importantly, you will be driven by a designated professional driver from the hire company so no one has to worry about driving under the influence of alcohol. However, before you hire your pub crawl bus, here are some things you should keep in mind.

How Many People Are Attending The Party?

The number of people who will be in the bus is obviously something you will think about when considering pub crawl bus hire. A mistake that many people tend to make is not planning for unexpected situations. For instance, even when you have confirmed the exact number of people attending the party, there are cases where extra people will show interest to join you on the pub crawl bus at the last minute or confirmed attendees will surprisingly bring a plus one. Placing more people on the bus won't only be unsafe but can also void your agreement with the hire company, leading to possible penalties. To avoid such outcomes, it is important to rent a bus with a few more seats than what you think will be enough.

Who Is Attending The Party?

This is important in relation to age and compliance with alcohol laws. If there will be any minors on the bus, it will be necessary for you to get a chaperone on board, meaning someone who isn't going to be partaking of any alcohol themselves. A chaperone can help ensure that any minors on the bus won't be drinking either.

How Is The Rental Fee Charged?

You may be charged by the hour or at a flat rate. Flat rates tend to be a favourable option, especially if you will be spending a considerable number of hours partying and staying out until last call. However, when you choose a company that offers a flat rate, find out in advance what you will be charged in case you go over the time you agreed on. Also, ask about any other fees or surcharges from things such as fuel, cleaning, etc. that you may incur after your rental time is completed.