If the anticipatory anxiety and general chaos that tends to precede most journeys to the airport make you dread this type of travel experience, don't worry; there are steps you can take to make the journey far less stressful. Read on to learn more.

Leave earlier than you need to

One of the main worries that most people have when they set off on their journey to the airport is that they will arrive later than they had planned to. If this happens, they could end stuck at the back of a very long boarding queue, without any time to freshen up or even have a cup of coffee before they get on the plane. Worse still, they may end up missing their flight. The thought of this happening can make for a very stressful drive to the airport.

This is why it is worth setting off a little earlier than is really necessary. Giving yourself some extra time will mean that, should any problems crop up during the journey (for example, if road works on your planned route or a traffic jam leads to you being delayed), you'll still be able to arrive in plenty of time for your flight. This should put you at ease during your trip to the airport.

Furthermore,  if there are no delays and you arrive an hour or two before you're due to board the plane, you'll get to relax and prepare yourself for the next stage of your journey. You can enjoy a leisurely meal, do a spot of shopping in duty-free or simply kick back with a novel whilst you wait.

Choose the right mode of transport

There are quite a few ways to get to most airports; you can opt to travel by shuttle bus, get a lift from a friend or relative, or take an airport taxi. Of these, the latter is usually the best option if you want a relaxed and stress-free journey.

Shuttle buses are often packed to the brim with passengers; this crowded environment can make for an uncomfortable journey. Likewise, whilst it may be less expensive to have someone you know drive you to the airport, this could cause problems if they are unfamiliar with the route or if they are not the most punctual of people.

An airport taxi service will have travelled the route to the airport many times; this means that there is virtually no risk of them taking a wrong turn and being delayed. Furthermore, as you'll be their only passenger, you'll get to enjoy a spacious and peaceful journey.