The best way to transport goods is to use a specialist provider of these services. This is because they have the right experience and equipment to carry out such tasks. An example of an important machinery is a forklift, which is used to carry materials to and from the trucks. Below are various details that you should include when negotiating a general cartage contract. These are essential in determining the total cost that you will have to pay for the transportation services.

Overnight storage costs

Depending on the distance to be covered, your goods might take several days before they arrive at the destination. It is important to assess the storage options that will be available during the journey and who will cater for these costs. Suppose you are transporting valuable goods, the best alternative would be to make arrangements for an overnight warehouse where the truck will be parked during the journey. This ensures that your items are secure and cannot be tampered with. You should clarify in the contract whether you will cater for this expense separately or it should be included in the final invoice sent by the transportation company.

The amount of goods

Do not simply state that you want goods moved from one location to another. Before going to the transportation company, it is necessary to know the exact volume of goods that you intend to transport. Once you mention this amount to the transportation company, they can recommend an ideal type of truck. An example is when you pay for a small truck which needs several trips to transport all the goods. In this case, using a larger truck could have completed the task in a single trip.

Special requirements

Always inform the transportation company of any special requirements that are needed. Examples of special circumstances include when the goods need to be transported in a refrigerated container or if you are transporting heavy equipment that requires reinforced trailer beds. Providing these details will ensure that the company has time to make arrangements for the right truck to be available for your use.

Provision of insurance

What will be liable in case of an accident or damage to the goods? The best answer is to provide insurance that will cater to any of these incidences should they arise. Remember to state in the contract who should provide the insurance cover. Whether you will pay for it separately or as part of the contract.