If you've decided to book a space in your local airport to park your car when you're away on holiday, then you already know that the car park needs to have some security in place to protect your vehicle. While general security is important, you can also protect your car more effectively if you put some thought into where you park before you catch your flight.

Savvy parking could reduce problems with theft and damage. What do you need to know?

Park Indoors if You Can

If you have the choice of indoor or outdoor parking, then parking indoors may make your car more secure. Indoor car parks may have more robust on-site security measures like CCTV and security staff. They also tend to be well-lit all of the time. While outdoor long-term airport car parks also usually have good security in place, their size may be harder for security guards to police as effectively, especially at night. This may make them more attractive to car thieves.

Park Close to Security Booths

If the car park has a manned security booth, then try to park close to this area. If your car is close to the staff who watch over the car park, it may be more secure. After all, a car thief is more likely to target cars in remote areas of the car park where there are no security staff or where staff may simply run occasional patrols. Trying to break into a car or steal it in full view of a security guard doesn't make sense.

Park in a Bright Spot

If you can, park your vehicle in a part of the car park that is directly under or close to a light. This works best in both indoor and outdoor car parks; it can be a big benefit at night when the car park may be less busy and more at risk of being targeted at intruders. If your car is parked under a light, then it stands out. This may deter a thief from trying to steal your car if they do manage to get into the car park. A thief is much more likely to target cars in dark areas where they may not be noticed as easily.

To find out more about how to keep your car safe in long-term airport parking, contact car park providers at your chosen airport and ask them for advice.