Hiring a bus to transport your wedding guests could seem like a simple and straightforward activity. However, slight oversights when hiring the bus and planning transport could ruin your wedding. Below is a guide on wedding bus hire

Type Of Bus

One of your concerns when deciding on the type of bus should be its seating capacity. As such, you must be sure about the number of guests that you intend to transport. You should also be interested in the bus's comfort features. For instance, reclining seats, air conditioning and entertainment units could significantly increase the passengers' comfort. With adequate funds, you could opt to hire a party bus to transport your guests. Although these buses have limited seating space, they have a dance floor and bar to keep passengers entertained. 

Hiring Company

Other than the experience and reputation of the wedding bus hire company, you also need to review the terms of hire. For instance: 

  • Does the company have a suitable bus to transport guests on your wedding day? Inspect the bus to ensure that it is in excellent condition and that it meets your minimum standards.
  • Will the company provide a driver? This ensures you are not liable if the bus becomes defective or suffers body damage.
  • Check whether the company is licenced to operate in the areas you intend to travel. This is especially important if you intend to travel outside your state.
  • What activities does the company prohibit? You may or may not be allowed to decorate the bus, for example. Most companies will restrict passengers from littering on the bus, consuming illegal substances and engaging in behaviours that might distract the driver and other road users. 


The company should have reasonable prices. A daily charge would be ideal since it ensures you are not in a hurry to return the bus. However, it would be wise to inquire about the penalties you will incur if you do not return the bus at the agreed time. Consider companies that give you a few hours' allowance before imposing fines. Inquire about extra charges; for instance, some hiring companies impose a cleaning fee. You should also ask whether the hiring fee is inclusive of fuel and the driver's fee. 

Transport Plan

Meet with your driver and provide him or her with an itinerary detailing the time they will pick your guests. Additionally, you should provide them with a map indicating the wedding venue and reception. Ask one of your wedding planners or close friends to act as transport manager. The manager will communicate with the driver to ensure everything goes as planned. 

When hiring a wedding bus, decide on an appropriate bus, work with an experienced hiring company, assess the pricing and create a transport plan.