Would you want to transport oversized items such as your house or boat? If you do, you probably have a difficult time finding a suitable heavy haulage company. Below is a guide detailing some considerations to make when hiring a heavy haulage service

Company Experience And Availability

As a rule, the company should have adequate experience in heavy haulage. As such, check their website to know how long they have been in the industry and some of their largest hauls. Interview some of the company's clients and check internet reviews to determine the quality of services that the company provides. Contact the company and inquire whether they are available to transport your load. It is especially so if you want to move the product within a few days. 

Haulage Trucks

The company's haulage trucks must be ideal for your load. For instance, a house could weigh thousands of tonnes. In this case, you could want a company with large trailers such as self-propelled modular transporters. Visit the company's premises and inspect the condition of these trucks. Remember, you want your load transported without any glitches. 

Heavy Haulage Processes

The company should exhibit a high degree of professionalism when preparing and executing heavy haulage. For example: 

  • They should inspect your load to determine its exact dimensions and weight. It ensures they use the right vehicle to transport the load.
  • The company should assess the loading and offloading sites to identify heavy haulage challenges. For instance, you may need to disconnect power lines. In some cases, your load could have to be dismantled.
  • The company must observe safety when transporting your load. For example, the truck should have two drivers for long-distance transport. Besides, the company should choose a route with wide roads, limited traffic and moderate weather. Sharp corners, inclines and low bridges could present a wide range of risks.
  • Consider companies that will assist you to apply for the various licences required to transport an oversized load.
  • The transport team should consist of engineers and medical staff to respond to any emergencies. 

Terms Of Haulage

The company should have reasonable terms. For instance, check the guarantees that they give. Ideally, the haulage company should guarantee that your items will arrive on time and in good condition. You may want to consider companies that have experienced staff to install what you intend to transport. Do not forget to check and negotiate the company's pricing. 

When choosing a heavy haulage company, assess its experience, availability, haulage trucks, professionalism and terms.